Launch your EVP. Be Strategic. Also Be Tactical. Part 1

In part one of this two part post we talk about getting tactical so you can get on with being strategic.

Just Launch Why Don’t You?

Creating an EVP is a long journey. From getting the budget, doing the initial research, figuring out what the culture of your company actually is, through creating the pillars and roof of your EVP house, and writing the words that you’ll use to talk about your EVP to your different departments, markets, and talent personas.

It’s a slog. I’m with you on that. 

But when it’s done and it’s time to launch, it’s really tempting to get right to it – create some graphics for a launch party, get your EVP printed on mugs and t-shirts, have a presentation for the board ready by next week.

Launch launch launch!

Gotta see some return on investment on that EVP budget, right?

The best thing to do, though, is to take a deep breath, and figure out what you’re going to do next, and how to do it properly. That’s called strategy, and planning. 

Sure there are pressures from the exec team to get it done. There’s that town-hall meeting in a month’s time when the international folk are going to be in the room and wouldn’t it be just great to launch internationally then? There’s the quarterly board meeting, the monthly TA meeting. There are many pressures to just do it.

Of course – you need to handle all that – but you need to do it in a strategic way, and also understanding that after all the EVP work people want to see the results out there, so be tactical too.

Figure Out What’s Important and Be Minimally Tactical

The first thing on your list should be prioritising your list.

Figuring out what’s important. Figuring out what you need to do now, what you need to do next, and what to do to prepare for these initial, what we’ll call “tactical”, activities. Baby steps.

Make sure you don’t overwork the tasks, though. These initial activities will set the tone for what you do, and as you crystallise your strategy you might want to change some things as you settle in to working with the new EVP. Trust me, it takes a few iterations to get into a rhythm.

So don’t be tempted to create giant posters that go onto the wall of every office. 

Stick to digital activities at this point if you can. Presentations can easily change as you refine and evolve the way you talk about your EVP. Two hundred mugs in the coffee room can’t.

You don’t want to be haunted by these EVP tactical baby steps for years to come.

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