Employer Brand Launch

Here’s our quick overview of how we go about launching your Employer Brand.

Every Employer Brand launch project is different, but we find that by understanding the launch objectives, defining the launch strategy and adding a dash of tactical sauce we can create a plan that brings everything together.

Our objective is to get you going as quickly as possible, so we’ll work collaboratively with you to create the strategy and plan, then we’ll do the heavy lifting of the launch. Over time, if you want, we can hand over the day to day Activation to you.

We do as little or as much as you need us to so your Employer Brand gets out there and flourishes.

  1. Strategy Workshop
  2. Planning Session
  3. Internal Launch
  4. External Launch
  5. Partaaay!

So we start with Strategy and end with Partaaay!

But we all know that the Partaaay is just the beginning. Read on!