Launch Strategy & Planning

This is where we understand the objectives for the launch of the EVP, talk together about how to strategically achieve the objectives, write everything up up, and get it agreed. This is the first and essential stage of the launch and is the foundation of all other activities.

Launch Strategy Workshop

This is a one day in-person workshop, with the output being the Launch Strategy and a high-level launch plan. The agenda is as follows:

The Launch Strategy is the underpinning of the Launch and leads into the subsequent ongoing activation work. The primary vehicle for the Launch Strategy is the Launch Strategy Workshop, where objectives are discussed and prioritized, and a strategy formulated and agreed as to how to undertake the Launch.

  1. Launch Objectives
  2. Strategy Discussion
  3. Tactical Considerations
  4. High Level Planning

After the workshop, the objectives, strategy, tactics and high level plan will be documented, circulated and agreed. The output of the Launch Strategy activities are the Launch Strategy document, high level plan and budgets.

Launch Plan

The Launch Plan is the detailed plan for implementing the Launch Strategy, based on the high-level plan from the Launch Strategy and providing detailed work plan, risk plan, and budgets for the launch activities.

The plan contains the following:

  1. Roles and Responsibilities for the Launch so you know who is responsible for doing what
  2. Internal Launch for each business unit and region
  3. External Launch for each market or territory
  4. Budgets for each Launch Activity so you know what you are going to spend
  5. A detailed plan and timings
  6. A risk plan so you document what might go wrong and how you plan to mitigate any issues that might come up

In fact, everything you’ll need to get things moving both internally and externally. Remember, though, that a plan is something that changes and evolves in reaction to what you actually end up doing. Make sure you keep it up to date so that it continues to be useful as you move through the stages of activation.