Your Employer Brand Deserves The Best

It needs to be out there in the wild.

You know, where people who are your kind of people hang out.

People who already work for your company and you want to feel part of the whole, and people who might be just right for you as candidates who haven’t thought of working with you yet.

Out there in the wilds of social and digital. Out there watching videos, listening to music and podcasts, reading articles, commuting, talking to each other, making recommendations.

Your Employer Brand needs to be part of those experiences, so when they think about changing jobs, you come to mind.

That’s where we come in – elevating your employer brand so that people engage with it. 

Your Employer Brand deserves the best.


Now you have an EVP, whats next?

You’ve been through the lengthy exercise of creating and agreeing values, defining their meaning, creating a tagline that conveys what your company means to people as an employer. You’ve got the graphics created, you’ve defined the tone of how you talk to your different Talent Personas. And you’ve got everything agreed with all the stakeholders and signed off by the executive team.

That’s an impressive feat. You deserve a pat on the back.

But what’s next?

You need to launch your EVP so it reaches people wherever you want to build a talent pipeline. You need to strategically and effectively launch your EVP both internally and externally so it has the most impact.

You need our help!

Who are these people?

We are an eclectic bunch of ex-recruiters, marketers, techies, creatives, copywriters and advertisers. All thrumming with the single purpose of getting your Employer Brand out there in the world.

Based out of London and Toronto we speak both North American and European and tap into talent both sides of the Atlantic.

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